Fortress HSE Pro has an integrated dashboard which will allow you to produce detailed and immediate safety analytics.



Our software is designed to electronically audit in the field with real-time representation and accuracy. As the information is collected LIVE, our integrated artificial intelligence, advanced safety logic, predictive theory, are seamlessly extracting information and creating all back end analytics, and final reports with immediate notifications. It's that simple!


Our integrated dashboard module allows immediate availability of vital safety performance indicators, and tracking trends at a glance. This analysis assists companies with risk reduction, safety autonomy, regulatory compliance, and strengthens business performance across departments, regions and the globe. 


With numerous flexible system options for site-specific creation, Fortress implements a robust user-friendly functionality. These features are designed to engage and educate safety auditors, drive identification/elimination of hazards, and create auditing consistency across the board.

Actual screen image of Fortress HSE seen on a desktop or laptop.

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Actual screen image of Fortress HSE seen on a tablet or cell phone.

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