Fortress HSE Pro is a cloud-based software that tracks massive safety data, creates a constant feedback loop, and delivers personalized safety guidance.



Welcome to Fortress HSE Pro …


Here we are … the fourth revolution is unfolding before our eyes. Its genesis is situated at the dawn of the third millennium with the emergence of the Internet. This is the first industrial revolution rooted in a new technological phenomenon—digitalization—rather than in the emergence of a new type of energy. This digitalization enables us to build a new virtual world from which we can steer the physical world.


At Fortress HSE Pro, we understand the demands and frustrations it takes to effectively manage auditing, contractors, and remote location management; we get it! That’s why we've developed the only industry specific cloud-based Safety Management Software System (SMSS). 


Fortress HSE Pro is a cloud-based safety software created by a team of proven safety professionals. Each member of our respected team brings more than 20 years of expertise, knowledge and, problem solving solutions for companies in the construction, petrochemical, and refining industries. 


Our software is designed to electronically audit in the field with real-time representation and accuracy. As the information is collected LIVE, our integrated artificial intelligence, advanced safety logic, predictive theory, are seamlessly extracting information and creating all back end analytics, and final reports with immediate notifications. It's that simple!


Even though our platform was created by safety professionals in the construction, petrochemical, and refinery industries, our uniqueness of implementation is easily converted to the requirements of any industry.