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Fortress HSE Pro is adaptable and accountable to fit your protocols in the advancement of artificial intelligence.


Safety 4.0 is a reference which currently defines the state of safety, technology, processes, and the specific way its advancing with the aid of artificial intelligence.

With the introduction of Safety 4.0 upon us, companies are searching to find solutions in today's electronic commerce of available safety software programs. These programs cannot be canned system of mediocracty, but one of adaptability and cohesion to your existing standards of protocols. If it's a "right fit"  software, you shouldn't have to adopt to conform to the software, the software should be designed and molded to your exact needs, requirements, and expectations.

The industry of today and tomorrow aim to connect all production means to enable their interaction in real time. This is made possible thanks to technology such as Cloud, Big Analytics and the Industrial Internet of Things.

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